what is arts therapy?

Art or arts therapy is the use of art media and creative processes in a therapeutic setting to express feelings, thoughts and explore experiences to reduce psychological distress and promote wellbeing. It can be something as simple as a squiggle, a physical gesture or a thumb pressed into a lump of clay.

what is a typical arts therapy session like?

ScribbleAt the beginning of the session you may talk a little bit about an issue that is current in your life, or you may talk about a past experience that you cannot seem to move on from, or you may not talk at all and prefer to just “do some art” and see what emerges from that.  I listen to what bought you to therapy in the first place, and together we work out a plan for how to progress to meet your needs.  Most people talk a little bit, do some art and talk a little bit more at the end.

is arts therapy as effective as cbt?

Arts therapy is different to CBT.  Arts therapy activates the whole brain; to create new neural pathways, reduce emotional arousal, integrate experiences and achieve a higher level of functioning for an extended period of time.

do i have to be artistic to get the most out of arts therapy?

No, you do not need to have any previous experience or any special ability or talent to receive the maximum benefits from arts therapy session.

how does the arts help in therapy?

Using the arts in an arts therapy session, facilitated by an experienced and qualified arts therapist, helps to release tension, express difficult or overwhelming feelings safely, provides an opportunity to step back and view the problem or issue from a new perspective, and integrate experiences holistically.

how long is a typical session?

The arts therapy session is usually one hour in length for adults and adolescents.  Some clients request a longer session, up to 1.5 hours.  Children usually have a 45 minute session.

how long before i can expect to see results from the arts therapy sessions?

Everyone is unique and therefore results vary depending on many factors including the underlying issue, current home and work environment, duration you have been experiencing the symptoms, age it developed, etc.  I have had some people say they feel immediate benefits after 1 session, whilst other people request weekly or fortnightly sessions over a period of months. It depends on your individual needs and your goals for therapy.  Most people report some benefits after a series of sessions.

do i have to do art if i don’t want to in the arts therapy session?

No you do not have to make art if you do not want to. In the arts therapy session I listen and adapt the session according to your needs and what feels comfortable for you.  The arts therapy session is directed by you.  I may suggest an arts intervention but no one is forced to talk or make art if they do not want to.

do you use any other techniques or modalities in the counselling session?

Yes, I do.  For children I use a range of toys, art materials, musical instruments, games, and a sand tray.  For adults and adolescents I might access mindfulness techniques, guided relaxation, focussing, sand play therapy, Clay Field®, Somatic Experiencing®, Therapeutic Touch®, movement, voice, gestalt, specialist arts materials, and EFT in the creative arts counselling session. Together we select the intervention based on your needs and your interests.

are these sessions covered by medicare?

No these services are currently not available on a Better Access to Mental Health Care Plan.  My services can also be accessed through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Improved Daily Living/Therapeutic Supports/Individual Counselling/ 15_043_0128_1_3

how do i know if arts therapy is right for me?

If you have tried other therapeutic approaches before and want more from your therapy,  or if you are just curious if this approach would provide you with the results you want, come and try it and see for yourself! If you would like to talk further about “Is arts therapy right for me”  Contact me here

Nyrelle Bade