arts therapy individual sessions

Nyrelle’s passion for the creative arts therapies, and her wealth of experience in the field, are inspiring threads that run through my experience of sessions with her as my professional arts therapy supervisor. As a supportive guide, mentor and teacher, Nyrelle has been invaluable in my growth as an arts therapist. I have found Nyrelle to be a very attentive supervisor who is responsive to my evolving needs. Nyrelle, whilst being generous in offering her knowledge and practical experience, also supports and encourages me to tap in to and strengthen my own resources as I continue to grow as a therapist.

– Maria B, 45, Caulfield

I had been trying to start my private practice and it wasn’t happening.  I needed a mentor and found Nyrelle.  I find it difficult to find the words to best express the magnitude of gratitude that I have for the support, guidance and assistance Nyrelle has provided through the professional arts therapy supervision sessions.  She has assisted me to find focus, giving me awareness of how to focus on aspects of marketing, as well as tools to grow my business in practical ways.  Nyrelle has been generous with the sharing of her knowledge of the industry and how to grow a private practice.”

– Joanne, 32, Ocean Grove

“I first contacted Nyrelle about 18 months ago with what I believed to be the beginning of Post Natal Depression after giving birth to my second child.  I had developed severe anxiety, and can also say that at times I also felt paranoid.  I was riddled with fear and could not live life to its fullest, and was most definitely not living my life authentically.  Through the arts therapy sessions with Nyrelle, I discovered how much of my childhood trauma was literally trapped in my body and could not be shifted or moved by myself or through other therapeutic methods I had tried before. Nyrelle guided me to discover my own healing resources and to gently release the energy through using my creativity.  I especially feel that the use of the Clay Field has enabled me to uncover, transform and heal parts of my life that has long been suppressed. I simply could not give a higher recommendation for Nyrelle Bade arts therapy techniques.  My arts therapy sessions with Nyrelle have been a journey, but I have achieved more with her in 18 months that I have with any other counselling, psychology or psychotherapy techniques I have tried before.  The sessions have been life changing and possibly even life saving for me.”

– Rachael, 38, Reservoir

Nyrelle is a gifted and talented counsellor. As an Art Therapy student I sought counselling from Nyrelle in an effort to make some sense of my experiences and to continue to evolve and grow through new awareness. Nyrelle was able to meet me fully on this journey. Through providing a very held space and her ability to be so present and fully and completely with me, Nyrelle really helped me to integrate, join some of the dots, and to emerge with new insights and awareness. The art processes powerfully cut through the mind chatter. Nyrelle moved effortlessly toward relevant and appropriate art processes that where vehicles for healing and growth. Nyrelle’s counselling approach lead me to a place where I felt a deep connection with my body, feelings, sensations and where new connections and awareness could emerge. I felt heard and I felt truly met. Nyrelle’s passion for her work and her deep seated desire to help her clients to access the wisdom within them is inspiring, not to mention the positive therapeutic outcomes.”

– Nicola, Art Therapy student, Balwyn East

“Nyrelle has helped me a lot.  I feel more soothed, calm & peaceful since I began counselling.”

– Sarah, 20 Parkville

“In the beginning, I was feeling very fragile & tentative about undertaking arts therapy.  I relaxed quite quickly, and in the quietness I could express my grief.  Nyrelle was gentle, sensitive and encouraging.”

– Anna 46,  Thornbury

creative arts therapy groups

“Having gone through a major life changing experience recently which has completely changed my life, I was strongly recommended by a health professional to attend this group. I begrudgingly attended.  I can honestly say after two hours of arts therapy in the support group with Nyrelle, I saw a massive shift in my thinking and my feelings! This has been a huge turning point for me in my recovery.”

–  Ellen, 30 Point Londsdale

outreach arts therapy services

“I have a very high opinion of her skills and expertise and the value of art therapy as a strategy to assist people with a cognitive impairment to understand themselves and their situations.”

– Patrick McGee, Office of the Public Advocate

“I referred a young mum to Nyrelle for counselling for severe depression, guilt and attachment issues. The sessions with Nyrelle have made a huge difference to my client.  The counselling improved my clients’ general outlook, and facilitated a re-bonding with her child.  The client now has the ability to implement positive behaviour management strategies and the emotional skills required to tackle further issues as they arise in her life. My client clearly states that she can see her strengths as a parent and with the progress she has made with Nyrelle, she finally BELIEVES that she is indeed a good mother!”

– Anita Scurrah, Case Manager, Melbourne City Mission, Young and Parenting Program

“Nyrelle provided a flexible and consistent approach to supporting one of our service users and was able to engage with the young person in what they were ready to do. As a result the young person made significant gains in being able to negotiate more communicative relationships with others and was able to move through obsticles in relation to trying new things. This lead to improved self-care and healthier lifestyle choices for the client. Nyrelle collaborated with all supports for this young person and her work was sensitive and honouring to the client.” 

– Michael Spencer, Manager, CHIRON Youth Mental Health, MIND

“I like art therapy.  Nyrelle is a good art teacher, she comes to my house.  She has helped me a lot through art therapy.

– Jane, 25,  Nagambie (Disability client)

children’s creative arts counselling sessions

What a life changing experience!  I had some concerns with our 4 year old and it was on professional recommendation that I contacted Nyrelle Bade. Nyrelle has brought a whole new lease of life into our home and lives. Through play sessions with our child and in conjunction, learning fantastic techniques through the parenting sessions, it has changed the way we look at life and our family unit. Our 4 year old is now more settled, happy and peaceful. We as a family unit, now look at life through different eyes…and what a wonderful place it is!

– Mario, 42, Lalor

Kids with Problems should see Nyrelle

” I think kids with problems should see Nyrelle. Believe me it would be worth it.  Firstly because if you have serious problems and you’re sick of it, then Nyrelle can really help you. Secondly you don’t even know how she does it.  All she does is lets you play with toys, when she’s actually really busy doing heaps of things trying to help you  So she’s really busy but she doesn’t look like it.  And thirdly, she is one of the nicest. most caring people in the world, so you can play made-up games with her.  If you want to play a game with her, no matter what game it is she will play it.  In conclusion if you have problems then you must see her for help.”

– Boy, 9, (name withheld), Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Geelong

“We first contacted Nyrelle on the referral from another parent. Our son was having extreme difficulty with anxiety and did not want to go to school. He has been seeing Nyrelle for about 6 months now and in that time has made a lot of progress. In the beginning he would not make eye contact with adults when they spoke with him… If he even answered at all. Now he replies to adult questions with confidence. He is also more self aware of his emotions and able to articulate what they are. He enjoys the play therapy sessions as they provide him with a safe space to express himself and are lots of fun!. As a school teacher I can highly recommend Nyrelle and this approach to childhood emotional issues.

– Stephanie, 36, Ocean Grove

“Thank you for helping me to get my son back.”

– Marie, 38, Barwon Heads

“From the very first session with Nyrelle, he really enjoyed attending creative arts counselling.”

–  Sharon 36, Grovedale

“After several sessions with Nyrelle I could see that my daughter’s confidence had grown, she was beginning to talk to me and tell me how she was feeling without lashing out, and she seemed more settled in herself and her emotions, at home and at school.”

–  Angela 42, Belmont

“I am the very proud mother of a 10 year old son.  When Bob was 9, he started displaying anger & frustration which often lead to destructive behaviour.  I was in denial we needed professional help.  That’s when we discovered Nyrelle.  Nyrelle provided a non threatening and safe environment in which my son thrived in. He can now problem solve, and his self esteem and emotional awareness has increased. He often draws by himself now, when he feel the need to.  I thank you Nyrelle, for helping my little man “

–  Belinda 43, Torqua

professional workshops and presentations

“I enjoyed using the arts to explore resistance. I thought the workshop was fantastic and very inspirational.”

–  Michelle, 49, Arts Therapist, Bendigo

“The presentation was fantastic!  I have a greater understanding of how art therapy works now.  I was amazed at how the arts were used to assist in the client’s psychosocial, and psychological wellbeing.”

–  Gavin, 32, Counsellor, Avondale Heights

Nyrelle Bade