specialist arts therapy consultation, education or services

For Agencies – Government, Non Government and private.

Information for support workers, case workers, advocates, allied health & treating professionals.

Group arts therapy  – Disability, young people, young mums, women, mental health, migrant or CALD backgrounds.

Individual arts therapy – Disability, young people, mental health, migrant or CALD backgrounds.


Audio Visual Presentations – for Government, non Government and private agencies demonstrating the efficacy of creativity and the arts in assisting their clients to regain an increase in psychological and psychosocial functioning (Melbourne’s Western Region Only).

Creative Arts Workshops – do you need an arts based workshop for your school, institution or agency to increase student or client engagement, develop healthy relationships, increase insight, problem solve or develop healthier ways to express themselves?  (Melbourne’s Western Region Only).

private arts therapy practice

Available: Wyndham Arts Therapies, 4/3 Synnot Street, Werribee

Individual arts therapy sessions – children, adolescents, young people and adults.

Arts therapy individual and group supervision – arts therapists, psychologists, social workers and counsellors.

Children’s Creative Play –  for children aged between 3 – 12.

Child-Parent Programs  –  an addition to creative play sessions with your child.  A program for parents demonstrating practical play therapy skills for use at home to improve children’s mood and behaviours.

Expressive Arts Group – For adult women 18+.

Nyrelle Bade