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individual arts therapy sessions
Specialist arts therapy service for multiple or complex needs clients.  Available onsite at Werribee, or as an outreach service.

Multiple or complex needs clients are often one of the most challenging client groups to engage.  Some anxiety or resistance is normal when starting therapy, and is often felt more acutely by this client group.  They can often reject “talking” therapies making it difficult for the Case Manager or Support Worker to provide a therapeutic component to their Case Plan.

In the arts therapy session, the focus of the session is on the art making, which reduces the initial anxiety of the client to attending therapy/counselling.  The arts therapy session can be provided off site, either taking place in the client’s home, or close to the client’s home, thereby further reducing anxiety, stress or resistance that is often experienced by this client group when attending doctors, specialists or mental health appointments.  The arts therapy sessions focuses on both the needs of the client as well as meeting service outcomes in line with the Care Plan or NDIS Plan.

The art making component provides both a bridge to establishing a therapeutic alliance as well as providing interesting, stimulating, soothing and challenging arts based activities and projects.  Through art making, the client’s self esteem improves, their confidence increases, trauma can be processed and integrated and there is often a reduction in ‘harming’ or challenging behaviours. Insight can develop, tension can be released, behaviours are modified, and self awareness increases. Client’s experience an overall increase in functioning and over time the client can lead a more productive, enjoyable and meaningful life.

The length of a typical session is 1 hour in duration.  All art materials are included in the cost of the session.  Want more information? Download information flyer or contact Nyrelle 

Locations – North Western region of Melbourne only

*subject to capacity and assessment at time of referral

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NDIS-default-Thumbnail-2Nyrelle Bade is a listed practitioner on the Human Services Directory – Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), on the Melbourne City Mission-Family Reconciliation and Mediation Program Private Practitioner Database (FRMP), and is also a Registered Provider of Therapeutic Supports for the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) Provider No. 89949044

Group sessions

Specialist arts therapy service for multiple and complex needs clients within the North Western Region of Melbourne (this service available as an outreach service or at the Abbotsford Convent, arts studio)

Utilising a variety of arts processes and materials, this arts therapy group can be engaged in a Supported Accommodation Service, Agency or other service.  This group can be held in the residence where there are groups of clients who live together.  The arts therapy group is particularly effective reducing clients challenging behaviours, increasing feelings of self worth, positivity and confidence and assisting clients to create meaningful relationships.

The length of a typical session is 2 hours in duration.  All art materials are included in the cost of the session. 

Locations – North Western Region, Melbourne.

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audio visual presentations

“When Words Don’t Work” – an audio visual presentation highlighting the benefits to both clients and service providers in using the arts therapeutically for joint outcomes.  This presentation is available to private, government and corporate sectors.  This presentation follows a DHHS client through 3 years of art therapy tracking changes in behaviour, attitude, feelings, values, relationships, and environmental circumstances.  This is an excellent tool to demonstrate how arts therapy is used and the positive benefits and outcomes for both the client and the Care Team.  An experiential exercise is provided at the conclusion of the arts therapy audio visual presentation.

For more information contact Nyrelle


Professional Workshops

Using creativity to engage, express, promote change and foster hope. Using creativity to express, engage.....001

This group presentation/workshop is for school counsellors, support workers, housing workers, case workers, managers, and team leaders.

The presentation/workshop will discuss the difference of arts in therapy and arts as therapy.  Nyrelle will provide case studies to highlight the various ways that the arts can be used as therapy or in therapy with young people.  The workshop/presentation includes experiential arts therapy exercises to take away with you to use art with your clients and students to: learn the hidden language within the art of your clients or students, to assist your clients and student to feel heard, seen and valued, and promote increased engagement levels with your clients or students.

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