New Support group for parents P-6

Parents from Hobson’s Bay, Wyndham and surrounding areas! Is your child depressed, anxious, sad, withdrawn, or ‘out of control’? Are you struggling with your child at home? You have tried everything but nothing seems to work. If this sounds like you then this group is for you! We can help you to understand your child […]

The neurological impact of art making on the brain

Have you ever wondered if there is a neurological impact of art making…. ? Lots of people know art makes you feel good, but does it actually change the brain in positive ways.  If so, how?  Here is an article that discusses how art making changes our brains. Study Finds Making Art May Keep Our […]

The importance of playing with your child

Recently I have begun working with some young mothers, providing individual outreach arts therapy to them in their homes.  When working with one young mum *Teresa, she revealed how she “used to be a really good mother”.  Her son*Jacob was now 2 years old and due to a history of poor parenting models in Teresa’s […]

Nyrelle Bade